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Depot Deluxe

Depot Deluxe™ Car Wash Microfiber Towel

Depot Deluxe™ Car Wash Microfiber Towel

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The microfiber towels are great for cleaning Lacquer finishes on instruments when there was debris and rosin on them. The towels did not show signs of wear soon like other microfiber towels. Overall 10/10 would buy again

Evander T. - Verified Customer

Car Wash Microfiber Towel

Scratch-free, No Fall of Fibers,Not fade:

Super soft drying towel Are made from High density coral fleece ,Contain 80% Polyester+20% Polyamide ,800GSM.these are used Silk banded edges technology , not leave any scratch on your car surface. and After our washing test, the dry towel No Fall of Fibers,Not fade,Great for car drying.


These microfiber towels can be used as car wash towels, window glass cleaning towels, car drying towel, auto polishing buffing towel great for wax removal,finishing towel,Drying Towel for Cars, SUVs, Trucks, for cars chemical guys.dry towel for dishes,Dog bath towel,for dry hair towel,bath towel.Whether you’re indoors cleaning your kitchen and bath, or outdoors washing and detailing your car, this powerhouse cloth can tackle the toughest of grease, dirt, dust, & spills!

100% Machine Washable:

Drying Towel can be reused and washed Thousand times without losing its absorbency and softness, throw them in the laundry machine Does not hurt the towel,100% Machine Washable,And they're good to go again. Much less wasteful than paper towels.

Extremely Absorbent:

These water absorbing car drying towel have dual-sided plush,Containing 400,000 highly refined hooked microfiber strands per square inch,Incredibly dense towel maximizes absorption rates.thicker than the leading competitor, our towel absorbs 10x its weight in liquid, One quick wipe can make your car dry quickly.

Humanized Hook Design:

Easy to use, humanized hook design, let you directly suspension after use or after washing , not easy to lose,Double-sided design Gr

How to use: 

Spread the towel over the surface or fold it. Drag over flat ares as hood and roof to remove bulk of water. Use a circular motion to remove remaining water from back and sides of vehicle. Wring out excess water as needed. Cautions: Machine or hand wash in cold water. Can be machine dried on low heat. Do not use dryer sheets as it can clog the fibers. Do not dry with other producing fabrics. 


Machine or hand wash in cold water. Can be machine dried on low heat. Do not use dryer sheets as it can clog the fibers. Do not dry with other producing fabrics.


  • Amazing softness.
  • Super absorbent fibers.
  • Holds 7 times its weight in water.
  • Super large wash and dry more area faster.
  • Cleans as it dries, safe on all surfaces.
  • Leaves no scratch in cleaning process.


1 x Car Wash Microfiber Towel


Material: 80% polyester 20% polyamide 

Color: Yellow 

Size: 92x56 cm approx. Gram 



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